Comprehensive Oral Exam

Also known as a New Patient Exam, this exam is typically completed whenever we welcome a new patient to our practice. Taking 40 minutes to an hour, this in-depth exam is the first step towards proper dental care. All aspects of your oral health will be assessed and documented. Like an architect’s blueprints, these findings will guide us in the development of your personalized treatment plan. On completion, you will be well informed as to your oral health status and understand the available treatment choices.

Emergency Exam

Narrower in scope, this limited exam focuses on one particular area of the mouth only. The goal of an Emergency Exam is to address an urgent issue, providing a diagnosis and treatment recommendations to alleviate pain, swelling or infection. Depending on the situation, we are often able to provide treatment on the same day. Once the crisis has passed, many patients return to become regular patients- this begins with a Comprehensive Oral Exam.

Recall Examination

Sometimes referred to as a “check-up”, this exam is often completed in conjunction with a dental cleaning. It provides a thorough update of already existing information for regular and established patients. Regularly scheduled recall exams form the backbone of the concept of “preventative dentistry”- early identification and treatment of dental problems will help minimize future treatment and expense.



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