• Modern, state-of-the-art facility. In 2014 we completed our 4th expansion- we simply outgrew our old space again! We receive compliments daily on our bright, modern and spacious new office. Our office designer and interior decorator collaborated to create a unique, open-concept layout that has an emphasis on natural light which patients find relaxing. Each of our 10 oversized treatment rooms feature full length windows that allow a subtle and calming connection to the outside world. We offer free wifi, the latest magazines, multiple flat screen monitors that stream the newsfeed, satellite radio and Peterborough’s best kids’ play centre, featuring over 60 interactive games.
  • Commitment to your safetyCommitment to your safety. Long before the Covid crisis heightened everyone’s awareness of the transmissibility of pathogens, we’ve always maintained the highest order of cleanliness and sterility for our patients. We simply believe that you can’t be too careful, and that equipment and instruments cannot be too sterile. That’s why we recently invested over $100,000 to further improve our hospital grade reprocessing system.  So whether it’s coronavirus or the seasonal flu, we have always been prepared. We’d be proud to give you a tour, and show you how we meet or exceed the highest infection control standards.
  • Relaxing and friendly environment. relaxed and friendly environment We are not your grandfather’s dental office! Well, actually, we might be… the point is, the atmosphere and ambience at Dentistry on Sherbrooke is nontraditional and unlike any dental office you’ve ever visited!
  • Latest equipment and technology. Our facility is fully computerized, environmentally friendly, and we are transitioning to become fully paperless. We offer electronic claims submission, and all patient records are encrypted, secure and kept confidential. Dentistry on Sherbrooke offers an array of modern technologies:

latest equipmentDigital radiography- Radiographs provide invaluable diagnostic information on areas of your mouth that we cannot see directly, and without which we cannot make an accurate diagnosis. Digital radiographs require a fraction of the exposure time of traditional X-rays, and are stored digitally. No more 4 minute wait, and no more darkroom chemicals!

Electric handpieces-
These precisely engineered and ultra-quiet instruments are a fantastic improvement over the high-pitched whine of the traditional air powered drill that many dentists still use.

i-Tero Digital Scanner-
The i-Tero scanner digitally captures the structures of your teeth and gums using safe optical and laser technology.
Faster and more accurate than traditional impressions, and no more goopy mess!

Intra oral camerasIntra-oral cameras and personal flat panel monitors- Used in combination, this allows us to take, enlarge and instantly display photos of anything in your mouth, no matter how small. You see what we see. Being able to visualize your dental situation is not only educational, but facilitates a collaborative element to your dental care that leads to well informed treatment decisions.

Microscope Teeth are small, and the problems that afflict them are even smaller. How can seeing better NOT elevate a dentist’s level of performance? That’s why most dentists use 3X or 4X magnification loupes. For over 20 years, Dr Vander Velden is one of a very small percentage of dentists who take magnification to the next level, by utilizing a 15X operating microscope for almost all of his treatments. This allows for unrivalled precision and attention to detail during treatment procedures.

electrosurgeryElectrosurgery- Using very precise radio frequencies, this clever instrument replaces the old-fashioned scalpel and allows us to complete minor gum surgeries without bleeding.

Fully automated appointment reminders by text or email Fully Automated

LED fast cure lightsLED fast cure lights- replacing the older “chemical set” materials, most modern restorative materials are triggered to harden rapidly under the influence of this high-tech device.

  • Convenient locationConvenient location. Our fully accessible location is easy to find, and offers plenty of free parking.
  • Staff PicFriendly, knowledgeable staff. Our team members are hired not only on the basis of their education and experience, but on their enthusiasm and people skills as well. We know that a dental visit can be stressful- our staff will do everything possible to ease your anxiety and ensure a positive experience.
  • 24/7 Emergency care. emergency care We welcome new patients. Although most of our new patients originate as referrals from existing, satisfied patients, we do accept emergencies and walk-ins. Whether you are seeking basic or comprehensive care, we can tailor a treatment plan that suits your specific needs and budget.
  • PtboLocally owned and operated. Dr. Vander Velden lives in Peterborough and has deep ties to the area. While an increasing number of dental offices are corporately owned and staffed by transient locum dentists, our strong connection to the community ensures that you will always see the same faces, and receive continuity in your care.
  • Kid-friendly care. kid friendly care We have a special interest and a great deal of experience in treating children of all ages. Positive dental experiences at a young age leads to a lifetime of optimal oral health. We want your child to look forward to their next dental visit, even if it’s just because of our legendary treasure chest!
  • focus on preventionFocus on prevention. Early detection and treatment of dental disease is the cornerstone of modern dentistry. Combined with patient education, this forms the basis of our relationship with you as your partner in dental health.